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The newest way to invest in your favorite artist or creator.

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We are the newest way to invest in your favorite artist or creator. Media Markets brings your favorite media personalities to your personal portfolio. Imagine the ability to invest in your favorite actor, musician, athlete, or influencer, the same way you would buy stock in a company. You could speculate on new talent, support existing names and make money while doing so. We are creating the ability for talent to tap into their fandom without relinquishing creative control, and for supporters to grow with them.

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Media Markets wants to bring the world of high finance to everyone by allowing you access to assets you can truly understand...your favorite celebrities and influencers. We are creating an entirely new way to create revenue for both creators and fans alike. We hope to enable big name personalities to tap into their fanbase in order to grow and give back to the communities that helped them reach their success.


You will invest in a celebrity or influencer the same way you would invest in any other company.

You will trade shares of some of the top high-profile figures to strengthen your portfolio, or take a chance on new names in the entertainment industry.

You will be able to make informed investment decisions based on that talent’s career data such as sales, streaming or other business activity.

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This is not a solicitation for investment.  This website does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation of any security or any other product or service. Media Markets is not registered with the SEC or FINRA.